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sunarian khurd Dushyant
KULTANA Naveen Kultana
Kanehli Dhairaya Sangwan
Khidwali Amit Hooda
Lakhanmajra Arjun Rathee
Gaddi Kheri Harish
Bahu Akbarpur Harish
Nindana Joginder Sharma
Lahli sonu sharma
kansala surender master
Bakheta Harish Dhankher
Gharawathi Tarun Singh Chauhan
Kultana Deepak sehrawat

Village Details
Name of Village : Rithal
Information Provided by : Satish Nandal
Tahsil : Rohtak
District : Rohtak
Approximate Population :
Information of Village (History, People, Famous Places) : RITHAL is one of the important and biggest villages of Rohtak District in India located between 290 North latitude and 77o East longitude and have 730 feet height from sea level. It is located 15 Km North-East to Rohtak town. Rithal-Kahni-Ghilour-Khera villages make another identity of social-group of 6-Panchayats namely Rithal-Phougat, Rithal-Narwal, Kahni-12-1/2B, Kahni-7-1/2B, Ghilour Kalan and Ghilour Khurd are known as “CHOUGAMA”. Rithal has two Panchyats with the name Rithal-Phougat and Rithal-Narwal. Actually Rithal-Phuogat and Rithal-Narwal are the two different and twin villages with the different demarcation and different administrative and revenue records. The population of both the villages is more than 15000. Rithal was established in 15th centaury. Originally the founder of the village was a Rajput named ‘Rathu’ and upon his name, the village is being called ‘Rithal’. Later on the dominant caste Jats rehabilitates there. Phougats came from ‘Dadri’, Narwals from ‘Kathura’, Nandals from ‘Bohar’ and Dalals from ‘Chiri’ to spread out the village. Jats, Brahmans, Sainies, Dhanaks, Chamars, Khaties, Nayees, Kumhars, Luhars, Jogies, Bairagies and Chhippies are residing in the village with great brotherhood and mutual co-operation. Rithal-Phougat has an area of 5.37 Sq. Miles .Its Hadbast No. is 76 in revenue record. Rithal-Phougat has four ‘Pannas’ (Sectors) namely Chiryal, Kilanu, Meghu and Satlan. Rithal-Phougat has the facilities of Govt. Civil Dispensary, Govt. Ayurvedic Dispensary, Vetenary Dispensary, Jal-Ghar, Punjab National Bank, Patwar-Ghar, and Bus Stand for Rohtak and Gohana side, Shiv-Mandir, Dera Ram-ala, Devta-Atayeewala, Ravi-Das Mandir, Samadhi-Gazhi-Khan, Telephone Exchange, C R Stadium, 6-Choupals and cellular towers for BSNL, Airtel, Reliance, Vodafone and Idea companies. Rithal-Phougat is surrounded by Rithal-Narwal, Kahni, Moi-Hooda, Anwali and Rewara villages. Rithal-Narwal has an area of 3.24 Sq. Miles .Its Hadbast No. is 75 in revenue record. Rithal-Narwal has 2-Pannas with the name Palhan and Pulhan. The village facilitates with Jal-Ghar, Shiv-Mandir, Mini- Bank, 4-Choupals and Bus Stand for Sonipat and Delhi side. Four Govt. schools are located on the common boundary of both the villages. Both the villages fall under 61- Garhi-Sampla-Kiloi Assembly constituency while Rohtak Parliamentary constituency represents Rithal at Centre. As like Haryana, this village is also rich in agriculture resources. Wheat, Rice, Sugercane, Jawar and Bajra are the main products of the village. The passing by WJC (West Jamuna Canal) irrigates the fields of Rithal while JLN-Feeder provides seepage problem to the Village. Villagers are living with great brotherhood, mutual co-operation. The brotherhood with ‘Muslims’ of Kahni village is historical era for the village during the Indo-Pak partition in 1947. They faced and sort out the problems collectively. Rithal is a flood affected village and the floods of 1960, 1978 and 1995 are specially shown the unity, bravery and struggle life of the villagers. The conflict with the Rewara and surrounding villages to stop the flood beneath underpass (Bombe) had shown their collective bravery. Lala Banwari Lal (Ex-Sarpanch) motivated the villagers with Kuradya ka ‘Dhol’ for the struggle. One of the song of that time is very famous………………… “……………..mahre bombe pe--mahre bome pe, ude bajje Kuradya ka dhol, Ho chhore, tarke jaagi chhol…………………” The villagers took part in many struggles for the independence of the country. Ghazi Khan the only ‘Muslim’ warrior from Maratha camp had taken his last breath at Village Rithal in 1761.The women of the village worship the ‘Samadhi’ of Ghazi-Khan near Bindhra Talaab to salute his bravery. Many people of the village have served in regular army/defence/para-milatary forces as combatant soldiers. In the present scene, many of the youths from the village are serving in defence/para military forces. No cantonment of India is spare without the youth of the village. No field is left over where the youths of the village are not giving their contribution in national development and growth. Defence Officers, Doctors, Engineers, Technocrats, Educationists, Advocates and all other colors are there in the map of the village. With this glorious past and present, I salute my motherland and for future pray the Almighty God to showers his blessing on the Village. …………………………………………………………………………………………………….Satish Nandal Rithal-124 429 Rohtak, India “ Tk¸k ckck —".kkuan dh ”
Nearest Primary School (Name and Distance) : Rithal
Nearest High School (Name and Distance) : Rithal
Nearest Hospital (Name and Distance) : Rithal
Nearest Town (Name and Distance) : Rohtak
Nearest Tourist Place (Name and Distance) : Tilyar Jheel Rohtak
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