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+ National Fertilizers Limited - Panipat

NATIONAL FERTILIZERS LIMITED (NFL) is a fully owned Government of India undertaking and was set up on 23 rd August 1974. NFL is an instrument of society and has to serve the needs of people within the scope of its basic objectives. In terms of Memorandum of Association NFL was set up to manufacture and market chemical fertilizers, other chemicals and by-products as well as to provide allied services.

NFL is a multi unit, multi product company and is one of the India's largest producers of Nitrogenous fertilizer with a market share of 15%. NFL is a Mini Ratna Category-I Company and has the distinction of being a profitable Public Sector Undertaking. Incorporated in 1974, to set up two fertilizer plants at Bathina (Punjab) and Panipat (Haryana), Nangal Plant merged with it in 1978 on the reorganization of FCI and later NFL executed the country's 1 st inland gas based plant at Vijaipur (MP). The Vijaipur Project has received the First Prize for "Excellence in Project Management" from the Ministry of Program implementation, Govt of India. Subsequently, expansion was undertaken in 1997 for doubling the capacity of Vijaipur Unit. The company has an installed capacity of 32.31 lakh MT of Nitrogenous fertilizer " UREA ". NFL's two popular brands are Kisan Urea & Kisan Khad . It is an ISO-9001:2000 & ISO-14001 & OHSAS 18001 company, which means the company conforms to International Quality Standards, International Environment & International Standards in the field of Occupational Health & Safety.

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National Fertilizer Limited (NFL) is the first fertilizer manufacturer in the country, which has developed Neem Coated Urea and the process for its manufacture on large scale. Neem Coated Urea regulates the release of Nitrogen to the plants over longer period and has better shelf life in respect of tendency to cake during stroage

NFL has brought in Information Technology for its day-to-day office use. The Company has its own WAN using Lease Line Connectivity thru' BSNL for Internet & email facility. The Corporate Office in NOIDA has got 2 Mbps and Panipat Unit has 512 Kbps Broad-Band Connectivity for internet access to their users. The Company has also its Website to make feel its presence at the global level. Further, Panipat unit has got Intranet website where information relating to MIS, Inventory and personal information like salary, leaves, advances, PF, blood group, Income tax, Medical payment etc. is accessible to all employee.

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Panipat Unit of NFL is situated on National Highway No.1 on Delhi-Amritsar route about 90 kms from Delhi in the historical city of Panipat. M/s Toyo Engineering Corporation of Japan and M/s Engineers India Limited were the prime contractors for design, engineering, erection and commissioning of the Plants. The erection & commissioning of the Unit has been achieved in scheduled time. The unit went to commercial production from 1.9.1979.


Panipat Unit is equipped with one of the most sophisticated Effluent Treatment Plant to meet the latest standards, laid down by the Central Pollution Control Board(CPCB). Treatment of Liquid effluents is carried out by Physical, chemical and biological treatment process and the parameters are well within Minimal National Allowable Standards (MINAS)


Panipat Unit is acknowledged for its environment friendliness. The Unit is fully conscious of its responsibility towards Pollution Control and Environmental Protection. Utmost care is taken to ensure that no harmful gases are discharged to the atmosphere. The Unit is regularly monitoring the level of emissions from various stacks before letting down to atmosphere. The Unit has obtained ISO-14001 certification relating to Environment Management System which has resulted in maintaining pollution free environment through continuous efforts and achieving '0' discharge of effluents. Periodical analysis of Ambient Air and Liquid Effluent is carried out and the same has always well within the prescribed limit of State Pollution Control Boards & MINAS.

Air Quality : Various Air Pollution Control measures installed at Panipat Unit include the following : Urea Plant Prilling Tower : The foam filters provided at the top retains any Urea dust escaping after scrubbing operation. There are four induced drafts fans provided at the top to create draft so as to discharge air from the dust Chamber to atmosphere. The gaseous effluents so discharged contain about 50 mg/NM 3 of Urea against allowable limit of 150 mg/NM 3 . Automatic washing of the foam filters has been installed to further improve the existing system. The liquid Urea solution so produced contains around 10-15% Urea which is being fed to the process of recovery.

Flare Stack in Ammonia Plant : Unit has provided a Flare Stack of 80 M height to release the gases from production stream. The gases are discharged after ignition in a properly designed flare system.

Stack in Sulphur Recovery Plant : A Sulphur Recovery Unit for recovering Sulphur has been installed to eliminate the pollution problem. After recovery of Sulphur, the gases are burnt in an incinerator to eliminate residual Sulphur and subsequently discharged to the atmosphere through a 50 M height chimney.

Ash Collection System : A complete system of electrostatic precipitators, ash collecting and disposal equipments are installed in the flue gas path of the Steam Generation and Captive Power Plant Boilers. The dust collection efficiency is more than 99.5%. After recovery of fly ash, the flue gases are discharged through a chimney of 80 M height in Steam Generation Plant and a chimney of 90 M height in Captive Power Plant. Stack emissions are monitored regularly by Iso-Kinetic Stack Samplers.

Wind Monitoring System : A computer-based wind monitoring system has been installed in the monitoring stations located at the top of Central Laboratory. The system is automatic and computes average wind speed and direction after every 10 seconds. It helps to judge the dispersion of air pollutants. Ecological Balance : In order to maintain ecological balance, more than 2 lacks trees have been planted within the Factory and Township premises.

Environment Protection : Pollution-free atmosphere is the highest priority of the Unit. In order to achieve this, sophisticated treatment system are in operation. The Unit has a well-equipped Laboratory which is recognized by the State Pollution Board and Central Pollution Control Board. The surrounding areas of the Unit has been covered for anti-larvae treatment and fogging operations.

Work Place Environment Monitoring : Continuous monitoring system have been provided in Ammonia & Urea Plants for CO, H 2 S and Ammonia. The sensors are placed at strategic locations of maximum concentration. It gives an alarm in the Control room during any unsafe condition.

Water Quality : The total liquid effluent generated is monitored by measuring its pH, free ammonia, BOD, COD, total Kjeldahl nitrogen, heavy metals etc. which remain well within the prescribed limit of MINAS and State Pollution Control Board. Moreover, the entire quantity of treated effluent along with storm water is reused for deashing of boiler ash. Approximately 4% ash in the form of slurry is discharged to lined ash ponds and allowed for natural drying. Sufficient capacity is available in these ash ponds.

In addition to above, NFL is committed to maintain an ecological balance in and around the factory area for which a dense thick green belt has been provided and new trees are planted every year. Further an environmental audit report is submitted annually to the State Pollution Board and no deviations whatsoever have so far been observed.


The strengths that drive our achievements are :-
  • The company with an excellent track record and high profits.
  • An early starter-more than 28 years experience in the fertilizer industry.
  • Highly motivated and dedicated workers and officers.
  • No industrial relation problem.
  • Plant situated amidst high fertilizers consumption areas.
  • A well-developed and efficient marketing network including private and institutional marketing arrangements
  • Excellent growth prospects with significant additions, modifications and replacements
National Fertilizers Limited is very much conscious on its responsibility towards the residents of neighboring area. The Unit has an excellent track record not only on production / productivity from but equally towards the service of masses. The Unit has served the masses by providing basic civil amenities and by undertaking welfare schemes

Social Responsibility :A sizeable number of persons from surrounding area have been given employment in the Company. Besides, a number of Ancillary Units have come up around Fertilizer Complex and these Units have generated substantial employment. The Unit Management has undertaken a number of welfare schemes for residents of surround area, which include construction of roads, drainage system, installation of hand pumps for safe drinking water, installation of electric motors on tube-wells. To make ladies self -sufficient, tailoring training have been imparted in Manoranjan Kendra and free sewing machines were also distributed to poor/ needy women. For safety and convenience of residents of City, the Unit has sponsored traffic lights at Lal Batti Chowk in Panipat City.

The Unit has a well equipped Fire Station, which has been rendering useful services in the event of any eventuality of fire etc. in surrounding areas/ city.

Health & Hygiene: The Unit has its own 25 beds Hospital, fully equipped with modern facilities. The Hospital not only caters to the needs of residents of NFL Township but also provides free first aid to outsiders in emergency. The Unit has donated ceiling fans/ coolers to Sanjay Gandhi Eye Hospital for welfare of patients Blood Donation Camps are organized in NFL Hospital from time to time help of Red Cross Society. Besides, Free Medical Camps have been organized with the help of Ladies Club where free consultation/ medicines is given to poor/ needy persons of surrounding areas. Expenses of Cataract operations are also borne by the Clubs.

Welfare Schemes for SC/ST Families: NFL has always laid special emphasis on the upliftment of weaker sections of the Society and in this direction, the Unit Management has undertaken a number of Welfare Schemes for SC/STs, which includes construction of drains in the area inhabited by SC families of nearby village, construction of toilets, provision of drinking water in schools and construction of Harijan Chopals etc, depending upon the budget available for the year.

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