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Haryana is proud of a rich cultural heritage that goes way back to the Vedic times. The state is rich in folklore. The people of Haryana have their own traditions. The age old customs of meditation, Yoga and chanting of Vedic Mantras, are still observed by the masses. The seasonal and religious festivals glorify the culture of this region. The dance is said to be the mother of all arts. Music and poetry exist in tune, painting and architecture in space. The dance is just not a form of recreation but something needed to release the physical and emotional energy. Folk dances, like other creative art, helps in sublimating the performer's worries and cares.
Haryana has always been a state of diverse races, cultures and faiths. It is on this soil that they met and fused into something truly India. The people of Haryana have preserved their old religious and social traditions. They celebrate festivals with great enthusiasm and traditional fervor. Their culture and popular art are Saangs, dramas, ballads and songs in which they take great delight.

With Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu and English forming the main languages, there are numerous dialects which are spoken in Haryana. However, almost all of them have their base in Hindi. Sanskrit is also taught in most of the schools in Haryana. In towns and cities, English is still to be adopted as the household lingo, but is spoken in a hazy mixture of Hindi. The most striking feature of Haryana is its language itself; or rather, the manner in which it is spoken. Popularly known as Harayanvi, Bangaru or Jatu, it is perhaps a bit crude, but full of earthy humor and straightforwardness. With rapid urbanization, and due to Haryana's close proximity to Delhi, the cultural aspects are now taking a more modern hue.
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Haryanvi Films in Cultural Revival
In modern times, films have become one of the most powerful medium of entertainment in India. At present India is one of the most prolific countries in the field of film-making. Hindi films are not only popular in India but also across the globe. Besides Hindi films, which are mostly produced in Bombay, a remarkable progress has been made in regional films. South Indiaand West Bengalhave attained a remarkable position in producing regional films, depicting the cultural heritage of the surrounding regions. However, the making of regional films in the Hindi belt of North India could not match the other regions due to the fact that the Hindi-speaking people of the Hindi heartland have been getting entertainment through Bollywood movies. Hence, the production of films in Gujrati, Rajasthani, Avadhi and Bhojpuri is a rather recent development. But compared with regional films in South Indian languages,Bengali and Marathi, the progress has been slow.

In the context of Haryana, the number of films produced remained very small till 1984. In the 70s, only two Haryanvi movies were released, Harphool Singh and Beera Shera. Both the films failed in catching the imagination of the Haryanvi people because they did not represent the true culture of Haryana. After the failure of these two Haryanvi films, nobody dared to produce a Haryanvi film for a decade. However in 1980, a few youngsters having an active interest in the production of Haryanvi films approached Devi Shankar Prabhakar to help them with their cause.
When Chandrawal was released in March 1984, it created a stir in the film industry. Chandrawal broke all records on the box-office in Haryana, Western U.P., Delhi and parts of Rajasthan . It surpasses the great hit Hindi films like Sholay and Bobby in these parts of India . The entire cost of the film was recovered from the window of Gagan Cinema, Faridabad where the film celebrated Silver Jubilee. In Western U.P., the film even surpassed the success of Haryana when it celebrated its Golden Jubilee in Muzaffarnagar and Silver Jubilee in Meerut , Shamli and Saharanpur . Chandrawal set a world record and the producers of the movie honoured a dozen cine-goers of Haryana and Western U.P., who watched the movie more than 200 times each.

The unprecedented success of Chandrawal created wide-spread temptation amongst investors for producing Haryanvi films in order to make fast money. Just after Chandrawal a number of films were produced by many different producers with titles like Gulabo, Ke Sapne Ka Jikar, Chhora Haryana Ka, Bateu, Bhanwer Chameli, Chhori Supelle Ki, Panghat and others. The films produced under the banner of Prabhakar Films have maintained their leading position in the field. After Chandrawal came Laddo Basanti in 1985 and Phool Badan in 1986 . Though these films could not recreate the magic of Chandrawal in terms of financial gains, yet both these films became popular with the people .

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